Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3rd, 2016; Noob no mo

Hello everyone,
     There might be a few Rs missing this letter, but anyway. This week we worked more with Tahía and she has 2 best fiends in the wad who she has been hanging out with and going to activities and also they have been at lessons with us. She wants to get baptized this Sunday and we are just tying to get everything ready for that. She might have to wait IDK. She has no problems though and she loves family history and the temple and the BoM and she just loves it all. She just thinks she has to know it all first ha-ha but it has been a real blessing to teach her. 
     Other than that it was a slow week. We cant find many to teach and meh... it is super frustrating tying to find people and stuff. Especially when the people we do find just say awful stuff. It is rough but I am determined to find those prepared and to be molded into the missionary and man the Savior wants.
     Happy mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there. The hardest but most wonderful gift, opportunity, calling, and job there is! The Lord loves you and I love you. Thank you for all those who have been a momma in my life, there are many. There is an incredible couple in my ward who can not have kids and the wife has many health problems. They both are RMs and are strong and faithful members. They are so incredible and I can not imagine how hard it would be to be them but their examples teach me to always, always press forward with joy and trust in the Lord. 
     Now I gotta go right my angel mama! Have a good week!

Elder Dillree
This is a ward missionary, him and his wife are awesome. I look terrible, I was cleaning all day and my hair is super short ha-ha... look a little rough.

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