Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24th; Another Week :)

Hey everyone,
     So Camilos mom is rough. We ran into her one day at his house and she said he wasnt home even though he was right behind her in the window... we were super nice and asked if we could get to know her a little or anything and she wouldnt have any of it. We are going to go play bball with him today and talk with him so we will see. 
     We also had a woman stop us on the way to an activity in another ward and it turns out she is from peru and she had lessons taught there but had to move for work... now she lives in our sector! She is totaly prepared and has a baptism date for next month. I havent met a single person from peru that isnt a member our about to be one... that place must be gold. 
     Today we went to take money out of an atm and there were gaurds there changing the money and when we got there one pulled out his pistol and I was like ummm... go ahead, make my day. haha jk. there were other people already there too but whatever haha. At least he didnt point it at me.
      The new comp is good, he has some good talents and we are getting along just fine. Everyone has there differences and it is alright. We are having a good time and I cant complain.
     Things are going good. I learn and grow a little more each day. There are some really rough moments but it is all part of the ride. I love kneeling down at the end of the day to talk to the only One who knows all and can help me better than any other person or thing. Too many people look for knowledge from the world, or comfort, happiness, etc etc... but we should always remember where to find things that we really need. Have a good week everyone.

Elder Dillree

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