Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10th, 2016; First Change

Hello Everyone,
     I got my new comp today and I am still in the same area. His name is Elder Bof from Argentina Buenos Airés South. He has 10 months in the mission. I was made senor companion and it went straight to my head. By the time we got in the house I had him scrubbing the john. Haha just kidding. He is super awesome though and is way good at getting in doors and making contacts. Things are looking really good. He is obedient and so far it all great.
     We had a baptism sunday that Elder Robbins baptized, Tahía Morales Loyd. She is so awesome and loves every little thing about the gospel. She was definatley prepared. Just perfect. 
     Everything is looking really good. My spanish is already getting a lot better having to speak it all the time. The hard thing is ya kinda feel alone out here when you are in a new country with no one that speaks your language but it is something that has really grown my love for the people I have in my life. I know that Christ knows us perfectly and how to succor us. I know because I rely on him for every problem I have and He is always there, lifting me up. We must always rely on him in all things. He is not called our Savior and Ultimate Teacher because it sounds cool. 
     Also this week I thought I had given the Lord all I had, but I realized I only had given him my strngth, time, obediance, but my mind was elsewhere... now I have given him my mind, and my heart is following it. When we do the will of the Father because we know it is best for us, we will be happy :)
     I will send baptism picks next week, thanks for all you angels out there, love ya ta Chile and back!
Always with love,
Elder Dillree

   It was good seeing you all, Love you guys like crazy. Zane I made sure to hit save for your password and stuff in case i need to use it again. Haha jk, it is all deleted I assure you. Thanks for all you guys do, try to send more pics every now and then. They hardest part is missing you. Have a great week.
Elder Dillree
New Comp

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