Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5th, 2016

Hey Everyone!

     I don`t have much time because I had to take a survey and stuff but first of all, thank you all for your letters, a love you all bunches :)
     This week we didn´t have a lot of things happening but we got a couple inactive members to attend church and one was Hermano Loyd and he is doing really good. He showed up early and sat in the front row with some members! 
     Conference was great wasn`t it? I learned so much and I can`t describe how much I loved hearing the words of Heavenly Father and his servents. Every talk I felt like was so powerful and something that really just stuck to my heart was how much God loves his children and how I too must try to love them as Christ does, see them as He does... my heart basically grew 10 times during conference. I just want to be like Christ and be the best servent I can be. I have so far to go, as does everyone, but like Elder Holland said, it is in the trying that counts. Also From the Profets words I learned that sometimes I am so dumb and act like I don´t know right from wrong or which way to go or where I want to go... I know! I just have to make the right desicions even when they are hard and stop being a nancy boy haha. All the words spoken were so powerful and I hope everyone heard or read them. 
     I am loving the mission and I am really falling in love with it, especially the people. I love sharing the gospel with them because I love God and I know it is what he wants because he loves his children and as my heart continues to grow my reasons for sharing the gospel grow as well... I share it because I love my brothers and sisters and I want them to know how much God loves them and what he has planned for them! :)
     Love you all, have a great week... I can really relate to Moses because I have a tough time speaking haha. Just know my heart is full and I love you all!

Sending ya`ll love,
Elder Dillree
Me and Elder White from the CCM swang for a bit on PDay :)

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