Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26th, 2016; Ups and downs make the worlds go rounds...?

Hey All,

     So this week there was some ups and downs. We started out having an incredible investigator way ready fro baptism and her family was everything to her and she loved the Gospel but she moved back to Peru out of nowhere but she is in contact with the missionaries there. Also Tahía has a fight with her family and that was rough but luckily everything got bandaged up and she is doing amazing and is getting ready for baptism next month. There are some good things happening too with less actives that we have been visiting, they are coming to church again! Overall our numbers are really low and it really gets me down because I am trying and our mission President called us about our numbers... I can´t wait til´ I am able to communicate better so I can talk with everyone and spread this Gospel! I am almost done with my training and so I am excited for that but it has been good and my trainer is a good guy but I am ready for a change up. Someone who wants to work their butt off with me haha.
     This week we had a lesson with a mother in law of a member and her son. During the lesson it seemed everyone was focused on the mom but I couldnt help to notice Sergio, her 35 year old son. We was very polite and the he acted made it easy for me to see him as a son of God. I did get to say much but after the end of the lesson while my comp was busy setting a return date the Spirit told me I needed to talk to Sergio about the Book of Mormon. I didn´t listen because I felt awkward because the others were focused on planning the apointment. Then the Spirit told me that I needed to talk to him now and that the rest can wait. So I leaned over to Sergio (who had a BoM in his hand becuase we read a verse during the lesson) and told him he feels close to finding the way to God because it is in his hands and I told him what he can do to find it. During the lesson he mentioned he felt close to finding Gods way and no one responded to him. I then gave him a BoM of his own and I had never seen someone handle that book with such respect and how grateful he was for a "grand gift". That experiance was something incredible for me... and I learned many things of great valuable. 
     There are many amazing experiances in the mission and I am very greatful for this opurtunity I have. Words can not express... 
     Love you all, have a great week. Did anyone get my pics of the spider and stuff? Must not of been very exciting for you all haha. Not even the spider? That thing was huge! A real wild tarantula!

Elder Dillree
The hill I climbed last week

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12th, 2016

Hey Family and Friends,

     This week was another great week and thanks for the e-mails, they were all great. I love hearing from you all. So this week we had Zone conference and that was nothing to special but it is always good to see my mission president and his wife. They are so awesome. Also we had to go get Elder Robbins` visa renewed so that took another day out of our week... but we had some good things happen this week. We had 2 less active families go to church, one with a girl named Tahìa who is Hermano Loyd´s granddaughter and one of our investigators. She is super special and I have a lot of hope that she has been prepared for Elder Robbins and I and we have been prepared for her. We had some great lessons with her and she wants her Grandpa to baptize her! So we need to talk to the bishop and get some things figured out, but it is all really exciting. She reminds me of Hope a lot and she is 19. I gave her a BoM with my testimony in it and she lit up haha. She was so excited to have her own BoM. Oliver is doing well, he is kinda hard to get in touch with lately but we are trying. There are a lot of spiritual experiances that happen and it is hard to explain them but some great things are happening. Somehting that is tough here is that our ward is not strong and the members are not involved in much minus a few of them... it is super hard but we are trying to serve them and love them. 
     I love the people so much here, the members, the missionies, everyone. They are always occupying my thoughts and even in my dreams I have nightmares of missing lessons or people not showing up to church haha. I am not out here baptizing tons of people, having a 100 lessons a day, having 200 contacts, but I am making sure that each person possible knows that I love them and that they have a father in heaven that loves them even more. 
     I have also been doing a lot of studying and thinking about how our entire purpose in the world is to get as close to being like God as we can. The things I have learned from this have been changing me life... I love God more and more each day and I want and try to be like Him so much.
     As always, know that I love you all and that I am deepy sorry for my writing skills. Have a great week!

Elder Dillree

If you are looking for a laugh-... so one thing that missionaries need to do is smile. So this week I tried to make sure I was always smiling... the problem is, is that here in chile there is dog poop every 2 feet and I gotta watch out for that so I realized it probably wasn`t a good thing that everyone that saw me just saw a weird white guy in church clothed smiling at dog poop... haha but I am always sharing my smile with people :)

Temple Trip
After temple dinner

Cerra Renca 

Gospel Declared on Mountain Tops

Angel Dillree

Huge Tarantula  
The rain

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5th, 2016

Hey Everyone!

     I don`t have much time because I had to take a survey and stuff but first of all, thank you all for your letters, a love you all bunches :)
     This week we didn´t have a lot of things happening but we got a couple inactive members to attend church and one was Hermano Loyd and he is doing really good. He showed up early and sat in the front row with some members! 
     Conference was great wasn`t it? I learned so much and I can`t describe how much I loved hearing the words of Heavenly Father and his servents. Every talk I felt like was so powerful and something that really just stuck to my heart was how much God loves his children and how I too must try to love them as Christ does, see them as He does... my heart basically grew 10 times during conference. I just want to be like Christ and be the best servent I can be. I have so far to go, as does everyone, but like Elder Holland said, it is in the trying that counts. Also From the Profets words I learned that sometimes I am so dumb and act like I don´t know right from wrong or which way to go or where I want to go... I know! I just have to make the right desicions even when they are hard and stop being a nancy boy haha. All the words spoken were so powerful and I hope everyone heard or read them. 
     I am loving the mission and I am really falling in love with it, especially the people. I love sharing the gospel with them because I love God and I know it is what he wants because he loves his children and as my heart continues to grow my reasons for sharing the gospel grow as well... I share it because I love my brothers and sisters and I want them to know how much God loves them and what he has planned for them! :)
     Love you all, have a great week... I can really relate to Moses because I have a tough time speaking haha. Just know my heart is full and I love you all!

Sending ya`ll love,
Elder Dillree
Me and Elder White from the CCM swang for a bit on PDay :)