Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8th 2016

Howdy everyone!

     Thanks for the letter this week, it was kind of an interesting week. Elder Larrain left for his mission yesterday in Little Rock, Arkansas and the dirt bag took a little piece of my heart with him ha-ha. He was really awesome and it was tough seeing him go but we are now in a normal group of two and that will be good for me.
     So pretty much you can get the same stuff here as in the USA minus a few excpeptions. The food is really good and it´s a lot of pollo asado, papas fritas, completos, rice, churrascos, pan, fruit, IDK... all good though. I could do without the half of a watermelon at the end of each meal though haha. The pastries here are super good, this week I had a thing called a berlina with manjar... manjar is Chilean and its weird good. 
     So this week there was a blazing hot day and some drunk guys and kids had opened up a fire hydrant and the street was like a river so me and my comps were on the sidewalk and i was in the back when a drunk guy ran of kicking and splashing the street water and soaked my entire back side... all I can say is the Lord works in mysterious ways because I was about to die from heatstroke haha.
     Also this week we were teaching a lesson with a contact and the night before Elder Larrain didn´t get much sleep so during the lesson I look over at him and he is passed out. Meanwhile the investigator is saying great things about us and his family and he is just staring me straight in the eyes and giving hand gestures as I have my hands on my chin with a big smile (like a girl dreaming about her crush) and I just keep saying "sí" and "Que Bueno". He goes on for awhile and so I check on Elder Robbins and he is out too! Then I think about it and realize this guy is saying a prayer! I quickly got into prayer position and afterwards me and my comps about dies laughing. That shows how well my spanish is going ha-ha. 
     So Oliver came to stake conf. this week so that was awesome and things are going well with him. We have a baptism planned for the 10th of April. 
     This week there was some tough times when we didn't have any lessons and no one would give us the time of day... ugh and I just get really down on everything. Then I have to ask for Christ´s help again and he picks me up every time... He is always there... ALWAYS. For each one of us. What a beautiful thing. The only one who can pick is up from no matter where we have fallen, because He has already been there. He knows the way. He payed the price so that we may follow His path. I am so thankful for my Savior, each day my love and knowledge of him grows so much through the scriptures, prophets, and so many things... but most of all is through repentance. Through the atonement I am made clean and I can grow each day. I invite all of you to grow and be clean everyday. Such a wonderful feeling found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love sharing that!
     Have a great week everyone, I love you all from Chile and back and I miss you all!

Elder Dillree
This was at a cool catholic church at a place called Plaza de Armas. Lots of weird statues and confession booths, felt like Europe.

We went to this place that is basically the Chilean white house but we cant take pictures of it so I just took one of the huge flag, the place was cool and they had the fancy guards and stuff too.

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