Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29th, 2016

Hello Family!

     Well finsished my first change and it is likely me and Elder Robbins have 6 more weeks together. We have been doing really well lately and having a good time.
     This week we ate some huge completos and there is even a size bigger than the ones we got. Also during proseliting some guys playing ball said they needed 2 more please please, so we went over and played in our church clothes and had a fun time and made some good contacts and our mission President says stuff like that is okay if our intentin is to share the Gospel. Also this week we saw Reul at his new job in the work truck with his new boss Reul and they were have a grand old time laughing and I´m not sure much work gets done haha but that was really great to see. Sunday was easter and they do chocolate and stuff here the same and they call the whole week holy week. This week is conference and they cast the womens conference this weekend too and we have a chance to get a really cool girl named Tahia to go to that and Oliver to a session. I hope everyone had a great Easter.
     This week I reflected on what Christ did for all of us and all of the blessings that we have becuase of what He did. One in particular is becoming perfect. I used to think that if I live the gospel that when I die I will be perfect like Heavenly father but I more realized that each time we make a mistake, learn, repent, change, and grow, we get one step closer and it is process that lasts for... I´m not sure, all I know is that I am not even close and I have many steps to go but could you imagine if we didn´t have the atonement... I am greatful for what Christ did so that I may learn and grow each day and I hope that we all progress each day so that our limited time on the earth isn´t wasted. I think I might need two lifetimes to learn spanish though... haha jk it´s coming along. Have a great week everyone, I am so excited to listen to the profet and apostles because that means we get to hear the voice of the Lord... what beats that? Nada!

Elder Dillree

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