Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22nd, 2016

Hey everyone,

     Loved all the letters this week, they were especially great and I had some good laughs at the computer today haha. This week was great and a lot of good happened, so first...we had interchanges and a peruvian came with me to my sector so I was the lead Elder and it went pretty good and it was fun to learn from him and be with a latino. Also this week I went to Chuckarama aka Familia Valdebenitos house who are members that are an older couple. He served us a mountain of pasta and a loaf of bread each and I was like oh yeah... this is my kinda place and stuffed it down. Then he asked me if I wanted more and I was like yeah I could have a little more... then he braught out an entire other mountain and loaf that I battled to get down... then dessert came and I had to eat a bowl of fruit and yogurt. As I left the house I felt pretty accomplished that I managed to eat it all and then Elder Robbins began to walk to our next visit as I wobbled close behind ha-ha. Also this week are gas ran out so I got to take cold showers and that woke me up pretty good in the mornings. Oh and usually we have a tough time getting appointments until this week people started making them with us but they are all on Wednesday ha-ha... I´ll take it :)
 Now the good stuff- This week we had some great lessons and Oliver is doing well and progressing and also we found this really old couple who are always home and they are retired and they are just awesome. We stopped by a few days after our first lesson and they had read the pamphlets and had been reading the BoM so that is just way way awesome. We found another new family this week who has two gets and the son seems way interested and when the dad doesnt understand something he explains to him haha so it is cool to see that. The coolest thing that happened this week though is we have this investigator Reul who lost his mom and owns a gas business and is wealthy but he gets that family is whats important and he understands the plan of salvation well so thing with him are going great, but one lesson he offered us tea and stuff and we said no thanks and told him why and stuff and he thought it was cool. The next day he calls us saying he needs our help and so we go to his house and he talks about problems he has at his work and how he can´t find someone to work for him because the past people were druggies and stuff and he needed someone the next day asap. So we get a guy in the ward who moved from Peru with his family for his kids scholling who struggled to find a house and had no luck with finding a job and we had him come with us to Reuls house. So lots of cool things happen and it ends up that now the member has a job and a contract and he gets sundays off and Reul said he called us "the boys" because he knows that Mormans are people who are clean and good and hard working. Turns out the member and Reul are both named Reul and have sons named Jonnathan that are pains in the butt haha... it was so cool and everyhting that happened this week was just so amazing and Heavenly Father is just amazing and I am so blessed to be a part of his work. 
     This week I thought a lot about the words of Mosiah, how I am just dust of the earth and worth just that unless in the hands of that Lord... I am coming to realize very strongly that I am nothing... but an instrument in the Lords hands and a conductor of the Spirit and I am finally learning what it means to give him all that I have. The more I grow in this the better missionary I am becoming and a usefull tool in the Lords hands. What a blessing it is to be his instrument and be allowed to take part in his work. I am so greatful for this and each day I am learning more and more about the Gohead and my love for each one of them grows and everything else just seems to be falling in to place. 
     I am loving the mission and the best thing I could say this week is that God lives and His son, Christ, died for us, resurrected, and now lives for US. That the Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead and we can have the uncomparable gift of having his companionship at all times and all places. What great knowledge it is to have of these things and the joy, happiness, and peace it brings :) 
     Love you all, have a grat week!

Elder Dillree
No good pictures this week so here is just where some of the magic happens haha jk.

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