Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15th, 2016

Dear Family and Friends and the poor souls that found themselves in the forward list of my emails haha,

     This week was pretty interesting. We started out in a sprint teaching a bunch of lessons, making lots of contacts, and seeing good stuff... then as the week went on it turned into a crawl. Not many people would keep their appointments or answer their doors no matter what we did and so I would like to relate this week to how a run a mile- start of strong but don´t quite finish haha. We had some great lessons though and a couple really cool contacts. We got an inactive member who is really old and is a hellraiser to church and his name is Hermano Loyd haha. He is hilarious and it was great to show up to church and see him waving at us. 
     Speaking of sunday, this time we had a transmission for the members in Chile and President Nelson talked and it was basically about doing the fundemental things in the Gospel. Read, pray, obey the commandments. It was super good.
     So this week I kind of had to put my foot down because my comp is kind of set in his ways and in some ways likes to serve his mission and not the Lords. So we had gradually been improvingin some ways but in some areas it wasn´t... so prayed and pondered and realized that I knew what was right and what we needed to do and that I was going to do it. So I talked to my comp in a loving way and told him that we just gotta do everything we are supposed to, even the tineist things... and he started to say... but the way I see it... or I think that´s just a suggestion... or eh that´s not how the mission really is... and other nonsense. Then we ran into the Zone leaders and I told them what was going on and they told Elder Robbins that he needs to be obediant and stuff... so things are pretty well worked out and now I feel tons better. Exact obediance is such a key part in this work and missionaries just gotta do it! 
     This week I had a personal question that I was pondering on... "Under what circumstance would I quit on Christ and let my faith falter?" What if somone I loved passed away, or a church leader said something difficult to hear, or whatever struggles there are in the world... no matter what trial or difficulty, I hope that nothing will hender us from pressing forward in the path of Jesus Christ.It all depends on personal conversion. Also I studied a lot on faith and action and learned a lot... love those principles and they go hand in hand, but I{m out of time, love you all and have a great week. The mission is the best and I love losing myself in the work and growing each day because I am so far from perfect and I have a long ways to go haha but I am thankful for all the amazing people I have in my life helping and teaching me. 

Elder Dillree
This is about how I look while teaching a lesson haha, notice the books...
Our house
View from the balcony.. nothing much haha

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