Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29th, 2016

Hello Family!

     Well finsished my first change and it is likely me and Elder Robbins have 6 more weeks together. We have been doing really well lately and having a good time.
     This week we ate some huge completos and there is even a size bigger than the ones we got. Also during proseliting some guys playing ball said they needed 2 more please please, so we went over and played in our church clothes and had a fun time and made some good contacts and our mission President says stuff like that is okay if our intentin is to share the Gospel. Also this week we saw Reul at his new job in the work truck with his new boss Reul and they were have a grand old time laughing and I´m not sure much work gets done haha but that was really great to see. Sunday was easter and they do chocolate and stuff here the same and they call the whole week holy week. This week is conference and they cast the womens conference this weekend too and we have a chance to get a really cool girl named Tahia to go to that and Oliver to a session. I hope everyone had a great Easter.
     This week I reflected on what Christ did for all of us and all of the blessings that we have becuase of what He did. One in particular is becoming perfect. I used to think that if I live the gospel that when I die I will be perfect like Heavenly father but I more realized that each time we make a mistake, learn, repent, change, and grow, we get one step closer and it is process that lasts for... I´m not sure, all I know is that I am not even close and I have many steps to go but could you imagine if we didn´t have the atonement... I am greatful for what Christ did so that I may learn and grow each day and I hope that we all progress each day so that our limited time on the earth isn´t wasted. I think I might need two lifetimes to learn spanish though... haha jk it´s coming along. Have a great week everyone, I am so excited to listen to the profet and apostles because that means we get to hear the voice of the Lord... what beats that? Nada!

Elder Dillree

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22nd, 2016

Hey everyone,

     Loved all the letters this week, they were especially great and I had some good laughs at the computer today haha. This week was great and a lot of good happened, so first...we had interchanges and a peruvian came with me to my sector so I was the lead Elder and it went pretty good and it was fun to learn from him and be with a latino. Also this week I went to Chuckarama aka Familia Valdebenitos house who are members that are an older couple. He served us a mountain of pasta and a loaf of bread each and I was like oh yeah... this is my kinda place and stuffed it down. Then he asked me if I wanted more and I was like yeah I could have a little more... then he braught out an entire other mountain and loaf that I battled to get down... then dessert came and I had to eat a bowl of fruit and yogurt. As I left the house I felt pretty accomplished that I managed to eat it all and then Elder Robbins began to walk to our next visit as I wobbled close behind ha-ha. Also this week are gas ran out so I got to take cold showers and that woke me up pretty good in the mornings. Oh and usually we have a tough time getting appointments until this week people started making them with us but they are all on Wednesday ha-ha... I´ll take it :)
 Now the good stuff- This week we had some great lessons and Oliver is doing well and progressing and also we found this really old couple who are always home and they are retired and they are just awesome. We stopped by a few days after our first lesson and they had read the pamphlets and had been reading the BoM so that is just way way awesome. We found another new family this week who has two gets and the son seems way interested and when the dad doesnt understand something he explains to him haha so it is cool to see that. The coolest thing that happened this week though is we have this investigator Reul who lost his mom and owns a gas business and is wealthy but he gets that family is whats important and he understands the plan of salvation well so thing with him are going great, but one lesson he offered us tea and stuff and we said no thanks and told him why and stuff and he thought it was cool. The next day he calls us saying he needs our help and so we go to his house and he talks about problems he has at his work and how he can´t find someone to work for him because the past people were druggies and stuff and he needed someone the next day asap. So we get a guy in the ward who moved from Peru with his family for his kids scholling who struggled to find a house and had no luck with finding a job and we had him come with us to Reuls house. So lots of cool things happen and it ends up that now the member has a job and a contract and he gets sundays off and Reul said he called us "the boys" because he knows that Mormans are people who are clean and good and hard working. Turns out the member and Reul are both named Reul and have sons named Jonnathan that are pains in the butt haha... it was so cool and everyhting that happened this week was just so amazing and Heavenly Father is just amazing and I am so blessed to be a part of his work. 
     This week I thought a lot about the words of Mosiah, how I am just dust of the earth and worth just that unless in the hands of that Lord... I am coming to realize very strongly that I am nothing... but an instrument in the Lords hands and a conductor of the Spirit and I am finally learning what it means to give him all that I have. The more I grow in this the better missionary I am becoming and a usefull tool in the Lords hands. What a blessing it is to be his instrument and be allowed to take part in his work. I am so greatful for this and each day I am learning more and more about the Gohead and my love for each one of them grows and everything else just seems to be falling in to place. 
     I am loving the mission and the best thing I could say this week is that God lives and His son, Christ, died for us, resurrected, and now lives for US. That the Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead and we can have the uncomparable gift of having his companionship at all times and all places. What great knowledge it is to have of these things and the joy, happiness, and peace it brings :) 
     Love you all, have a grat week!

Elder Dillree
No good pictures this week so here is just where some of the magic happens haha jk.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15th, 2016

Dear Family and Friends and the poor souls that found themselves in the forward list of my emails haha,

     This week was pretty interesting. We started out in a sprint teaching a bunch of lessons, making lots of contacts, and seeing good stuff... then as the week went on it turned into a crawl. Not many people would keep their appointments or answer their doors no matter what we did and so I would like to relate this week to how a run a mile- start of strong but don´t quite finish haha. We had some great lessons though and a couple really cool contacts. We got an inactive member who is really old and is a hellraiser to church and his name is Hermano Loyd haha. He is hilarious and it was great to show up to church and see him waving at us. 
     Speaking of sunday, this time we had a transmission for the members in Chile and President Nelson talked and it was basically about doing the fundemental things in the Gospel. Read, pray, obey the commandments. It was super good.
     So this week I kind of had to put my foot down because my comp is kind of set in his ways and in some ways likes to serve his mission and not the Lords. So we had gradually been improvingin some ways but in some areas it wasn´t... so prayed and pondered and realized that I knew what was right and what we needed to do and that I was going to do it. So I talked to my comp in a loving way and told him that we just gotta do everything we are supposed to, even the tineist things... and he started to say... but the way I see it... or I think that´s just a suggestion... or eh that´s not how the mission really is... and other nonsense. Then we ran into the Zone leaders and I told them what was going on and they told Elder Robbins that he needs to be obediant and stuff... so things are pretty well worked out and now I feel tons better. Exact obediance is such a key part in this work and missionaries just gotta do it! 
     This week I had a personal question that I was pondering on... "Under what circumstance would I quit on Christ and let my faith falter?" What if somone I loved passed away, or a church leader said something difficult to hear, or whatever struggles there are in the world... no matter what trial or difficulty, I hope that nothing will hender us from pressing forward in the path of Jesus Christ.It all depends on personal conversion. Also I studied a lot on faith and action and learned a lot... love those principles and they go hand in hand, but I{m out of time, love you all and have a great week. The mission is the best and I love losing myself in the work and growing each day because I am so far from perfect and I have a long ways to go haha but I am thankful for all the amazing people I have in my life helping and teaching me. 

Elder Dillree
This is about how I look while teaching a lesson haha, notice the books...
Our house
View from the balcony.. nothing much haha

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8th 2016

Howdy everyone!

     Thanks for the letter this week, it was kind of an interesting week. Elder Larrain left for his mission yesterday in Little Rock, Arkansas and the dirt bag took a little piece of my heart with him ha-ha. He was really awesome and it was tough seeing him go but we are now in a normal group of two and that will be good for me.
     So pretty much you can get the same stuff here as in the USA minus a few excpeptions. The food is really good and it´s a lot of pollo asado, papas fritas, completos, rice, churrascos, pan, fruit, IDK... all good though. I could do without the half of a watermelon at the end of each meal though haha. The pastries here are super good, this week I had a thing called a berlina with manjar... manjar is Chilean and its weird good. 
     So this week there was a blazing hot day and some drunk guys and kids had opened up a fire hydrant and the street was like a river so me and my comps were on the sidewalk and i was in the back when a drunk guy ran of kicking and splashing the street water and soaked my entire back side... all I can say is the Lord works in mysterious ways because I was about to die from heatstroke haha.
     Also this week we were teaching a lesson with a contact and the night before Elder Larrain didn´t get much sleep so during the lesson I look over at him and he is passed out. Meanwhile the investigator is saying great things about us and his family and he is just staring me straight in the eyes and giving hand gestures as I have my hands on my chin with a big smile (like a girl dreaming about her crush) and I just keep saying "sí" and "Que Bueno". He goes on for awhile and so I check on Elder Robbins and he is out too! Then I think about it and realize this guy is saying a prayer! I quickly got into prayer position and afterwards me and my comps about dies laughing. That shows how well my spanish is going ha-ha. 
     So Oliver came to stake conf. this week so that was awesome and things are going well with him. We have a baptism planned for the 10th of April. 
     This week there was some tough times when we didn't have any lessons and no one would give us the time of day... ugh and I just get really down on everything. Then I have to ask for Christ´s help again and he picks me up every time... He is always there... ALWAYS. For each one of us. What a beautiful thing. The only one who can pick is up from no matter where we have fallen, because He has already been there. He knows the way. He payed the price so that we may follow His path. I am so thankful for my Savior, each day my love and knowledge of him grows so much through the scriptures, prophets, and so many things... but most of all is through repentance. Through the atonement I am made clean and I can grow each day. I invite all of you to grow and be clean everyday. Such a wonderful feeling found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love sharing that!
     Have a great week everyone, I love you all from Chile and back and I miss you all!

Elder Dillree
This was at a cool catholic church at a place called Plaza de Armas. Lots of weird statues and confession booths, felt like Europe.

We went to this place that is basically the Chilean white house but we cant take pictures of it so I just took one of the huge flag, the place was cool and they had the fancy guards and stuff too.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1st, 2016

Hello Everyone!
     Thanks for all the letters and advice, loved em all. This week I hit the 2 month mark ha-ha. It's not much but time seems to fly pretty good. This week the people hassled us more than usual, we got flipped off and my comp got his but grabbed and we got offered drugs and beer and way too much watermelon. Dessert is half of a watermelon here haha. The dogs here also love to bark all night and poop everywhere... they are just everywhere but the big bird dog makes up for them. I tried omitos this week and they were delicious and also a pepino which means cucumber but I had the fruit pepino and it was weird. Nothing too out of the ordinary occurred though.
     This week we had to lessons on the spot with people which is usually hard to make happen. One was with a guy named Claudio from Brazil and he is way religious but so cool and good things could happen. Also we taught Oliver again and played ball and things are going good with him. We taught an inactive family who are really cool but never show much progress but we had a super good lesson so things may be looking up. We get a lot of people who are too occupied and are numbers are pretty poor but we keep on tryng. Sometimes I feel like we are just going through the actions and just accept that this is how it is and it drives me crazy! I am not here to coast through the mission. I want to find things to improve on, then improve on them... and do it again! Ugh I feel like too many missionaries are coasting and it is difficult for me as a newbie to change that but I'm trying my best and not giving up. I just got to press forward with faith and hope in Christ, not in myself.
      That was my main thing I pondered about this week, is having faith and hope in Christ's will. I can't change the hearts of the people or my companion... but He can. His will be done, I just need to be doing my best to do his will and he will do the rest in His time. Patience Elder Dillree... Patience... ha-ha I want to know spanish now, teach and contact tons of people now, know all the lessons now ha-ha but I just have to remember to have patience and keep trying my best.
     The mission is really good though, not a day goes by that I am not grateful for this opportunity. There is much joy, adversities, and everything else during the day but and together it all makes for the best two years ha-ha. I love serving Him and His children... there is no greater thing we can do.
     Love you all, hope you have a great week. Sorry for my poor writing skills ha-ha but just know I am so blessed to have you all in my life and the gospel and the opportunity to serve... my cup is certainly runneth over and my heart is full of gratitude and love.

Elder Dillree
Played Basketball with an investigator named Oliver and showed him the church.