Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 5: CCM

Hey Everyone!

     I loved the E-Mails this week, thanks everyone. Dad´s really got me laughing. So this week my mission President came by the CCM and I accidently wore the wrong pants with my suit coat but I don´t think he noticed haha. He seems like a really cool guy. Also this week a bunch of chilean church leaders and chilean government officials came to the CCM to discuss missions in correspondence to military service, hopefully it all goes well. Also this week my district would get in fight sand I would just read my BOM because if you try to do anything it just gets worse, a couple of them use some pretty bad language and it´s sad to see. Hopefuly I can maybe just influence them by example becuase nothing else seems to work haha. Also this week my spanish has surprisingly gotten really really... nowhere. It´s still awefull haha but thats alright. Also  while me and Elder were watching the cars a white van floored it and hit the bump in the road and literally jumped it... so cool. 

     I´m really loving the mission and can´t wait to get out there, I know there will be struggles but ¨salvation was never cheap.¨ I love my companion, he is a really great guy and has taught me a lot, so has my district and I love them too. I will definately miss the CCM but I am leaving with no regrets. I wish at times I would  of tried harder but trying harder and harder is also something that has to be learned... if that makes in sense haha. 

     I have been reading the scriptures a ton and how great it is to have the blessing of the words of God so avaible to us. One scripture I really love and overwhelms me each time I read it is one I found in Mosiah 14 when Mosiah is quoting Isiah, ¨and by His stripes we are healed.¨ Oh how much I love our Savior for paying the ultimate price so that we can be happy, clean, healed, and saved. Through his suffering we are saved from our sorrows. I love my Savior and I know that He lives and loves each one of you more than we can understand. Remember Him.

     This week we also watched a video called Missionary Work and the Atonement. It´s not long and it is such a good video, especially any of you future missionaries. 

     Well the weather here is quite nice, it´s crazy hearing about all the snow back home haha. The trees are really cool here and the people are always going 100 mph and the food is hot dog everything. Hot dog pizza, hot dog chowder, hot dogs all over in the street. Some latinos like hot dog water poured over their meals haha its pretty funny. Oh also this week in spanish class I accidently asked, ¨ what would you do to obtain a bosom?¨ It´s a long story but my teacher was a girl and she just busted it laughing and I had no idea what i said haha. 

     This is the last week in the CCM... time flies and I´m super excited to get out there! The first few months I´m probably just going to be trapped in my  own head not being able to communicate haha. I went two days trying to only speak and think spanish this week so I basically just didn´t think or say anything for 2 days haha. It´s been really fun learning the language and it is goingto beawesome when I  finally can speak and understand it. Also I guess the Chilean spanish is literally the fastest spanish in the world because they drop there s´s and stuff. It´s super fast and other spanish people from other parts of the world can´t understand it because it is so fast. I asked if it´s because the speak like sloppy or slangy but they say no, It´s just super fast. Sounds sloppy to me though not saying s´s but they say missionaries learn to speak the normal spanish, so thats good.

     Well I love you all, thanks for writing me, I love hearing from everyone. Tell Gramps and Grams I love Em and the rest of the fam. I´m blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! I´m so glad I get to serve the true and Living God and his son, Jesus Christ, and for the one and only true church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Gospel and it´s teachings are true. I know it :)

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