Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Feild!

Hey Everyone!

     Turns out I do get to write you today :) Thanks for the letters, I love hearing from you all :) Well I am officailly in the field and got my trainer. His name is Elder Robbins from Salt Lake and he is super cool and is pretty tall too. We are in a triple because Elder Larrain is waiting for a visa. My CCM experiance was great but I am excited to be in the field. My area is Los Valles Santiago Norte. To see where that is you can search for the streets mom, Laguna Sur with Laguna del inca and los mares. 
     So this week was really good, it´s hard for me to remember what to write haha. Oh our apartment is just a two room house basically. One room upstairs and one down stairs. It´s actually not too shabby. The streets are kinda messy but not as bad as you would think. Oh and the tap water here is completely safe to drink so thats good.
     I met my President of my mission today and had an interview with him and it was really good to meet him. He is a way nice happy guy. 

     My house is far away from our sector so just to get to our are we walk a mile. It´s super hot here and I´m always sweating haha but thats alright. The spanish is coming along alright and I´m really enjoying learning more each day. Also I love studying the Gospel, I discover something that can help me be better each day. 
     Well I hope I will eventually have some exciting things to right about haha, but for right now just know that Chile is an awesome place and I am so happy to be here sharing the Gospel. Have an awesome Valentines everyone! I love you all! <3

Left to Right: Me, Elder Mera, Elder Faundez, Elder Bravo, Elder Gimenez, and Elder White in the back.
Elder Dillree

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