Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 23rd, 2016

Hi everybody!

     Good to hear from everyone, sounds like everyone is getting along good. This week was pretty good, there is this dog in my area that we call the big bird dog because he literally looks like bigbird on four legs... he´s majestic and I laugh so hard each time we see a rare sighting. Also this week the was a huge tiger spider in the bathroom and also during a lesson we had the guy that we were teaching jumped up and yelled and then grabbed his shoe and smashed this huge charanchula that was crawling by my leg. It was huge and they cab kill people if they bite you. Also this week we were eating dinner at a members and the Sister has prepared some peppers that were cut in half on the table and I went for one thinking it was just your standard pepper or something but it turned out to be a raw habenero or something probably grown in Hell´s garden. So I sat there sweating bullets and trying not to make a scene so my first impression on the members wasn´t bad haha. This week I had completos, a churrasco, pastel de choclo, shich are Chilean things and they are all pretty tasty. The members will feed us sometimes but for the most part we just cook and feed ourselves. Right now my place doesn´t have a washer and stuff so members do our laundry, that´s nice. 
     This week we went to visit some inactives and the guy is an alcoholic and doesn´t treat his wife well and stuff... but when we went to the door they got in a fight and it was pretty intense. Stuff flying, couches knocked over, hands shut in doors... it was rough to see. The husband left when we came and we gave the wife a bus pass and a couple bucks to get out of there because she was having suicidal thoughts. We got a call form her later saying she made it to her moms house but we think she returned to her husband, we don´t know for sure. It was a humbling experiance and I just hope that we helped and did the right thing. 
     Also this week I commited my first investigador to baptism... in english haha. His name is Oliver and he loves basketball and speaking english. He aslo came to church so things seem to be going good with him. I hope it all goes good. Other than that it was a slow week and no one really wants help or service or to hear the message of Christ so that stinks... it´s pretty hard because I don´t feel like I´m doing much especially because I can´t communicate well, but I´m working my but off to change that haha.
     I finished the Book of Mormon this week so that was good... now in Spanish! Haha :) But the mission is good and everything is going well and my testimony grows everyday. This week I would just like to share that I know Christ is there, for each and every one of us, and there is no one or no thing that could substitute for the love, joy, and blessings that He can and will give us if we are faithful and endure to the end. 

Elder Dillree

"Life´s just not meant to be endured..." -President Hinkley
I gave myself my first haircut this week haha. All by myself lol. Sorry this week I don´t have any cool pics but next week for sure!

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