Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16th, 2016

Hey Everyone!

     Great to hear from eveyone, love your letters! So my tainer is Elder Robbins from SLC and he is awesome. We get along really well and he told me some cool things he thinks about me as a missionary and it was very cool to hear, it meant a lot haha. My other comp, Elder Larrain from Chile, is really cool too and the three of us are working hard with joy and always improving ourselves. The work here is hard, the church is small, but that´s why I´m here haha. We don´t get much people to teach and stuff but when we do it is awesome. One guy who is about 23 named Alexis was so awesome to teach and the Spirit was so strong. I love sharing the Gospel.
     So I love Chile, the food is good- I had like a fried stuffed potato and some chilean pizza and other stuff and I love it all haha! The people are nice but their spanish is so hard to understand but I´ll get there. Also they live in tiny houses and stuff... it´s just very humbling to see. I felt my first earthquake and that was really cool.
     The mission is great, I love every bit of it. There is hard times but I suffer and serve with joy! The hardest thing was after a tough day of not much contacts and no lessons and seeing how small the church is here... we had companion study-looking at our numbers, and I just broke down in tears because the Gospel is so important and I love these people and they need the Gospel but they don´t have it. I am working my hardest though so that I can do my best to change this. I just want to be the best tool in the Lords hands that I can be, so I´ve been giving it my all and I´ve never felt so much joy.
     I have so much more to improve and grow on, especially my spanish haha, and I only get 2 years to do it. What a blessing it is to have this oportunity to have the Gospel in my life and share it, and to have such amazing family and friends,"Your lessons are not lost in me"... I love you all so much, you have all been teachers in my life.
     Have an amazing week, remember Christ loves you so much he gave everything he had for you and so you should always have joy in your hearts... always have Him in your hearts. Serve with joy, suffer with joy, and just always have joy because we have the Gospel! Share the joy :)

Elder Dillree

my bed.. it's actually pretty comfy

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