Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 4: CCM

Hey Everyone!

    Thanks everyone for all the great e-mails this week! This week I saw Annie Guild in a devotinal video we watched, it rained, the tie exchange was cancelled because the new President says no haha, I´m the worst tie master ever, I played soccer all this week, and got chosen to give a talk in church. The talk went good but all I know is my heart started beating and I couldn´t remember what I said after but people said I sounded like a Chileano...liars haha. It wason faith in Christ. The spanish is very difficult but I  am loving learning it! Oh and one day in class the air conditioner started spitting out ice balls haha that was fun. It was a really good week though and can feel my missionary abilities getting better all thanks to Heavenly Father and Christ. Without there help I don´t know if i could ever learn spanish.

     Lately I just try to study like crazy and I feel like I never have enough time, I need to know more about PMG, BOM, Spanish, and everything else haha but there is never enough time in the day, and now Ionlyhave two weeks left.

     Oh my new President is way cool, President Brady. They are way nice people.
    So guess what mom, my district thinks I am the most calm and I keep my cooland they say I am the only one who has the patience to have Elder White as my companion. Never thought you´d here that huh? haha But Since I have been here I have just been filled  with the Love of Christ and that is definately the key in being a good person to others and having happiness with your companion, and district. Everything is going great and I am loving the CCM, I am going to miss it  so much and the people here, but I am excited to get out into the field. Thanks for all your mail, you all mean the world to me! 

Loving the misson, life is good in The Gospel :)

Elder Dillree

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