Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 3: CCM

Hey Everyone!

     This week just flew by and it was a lot of fun. Our district has this thing we call... the ultimate prank! We switched two Elders suit coats in our district and we switched there stuff in their pockets and everything and they have been wearing eachothers without even knowing haha. It is hilarous becuase one is way small and the others is way too big (Elder Stratford and Elder Ricks). On sunday they were talking to each other and one said, Ricks-"Does my suit coat look a little big to you, -Stratford "No it looks good, does mine look way too small?" Ricks-"No, you just have broad shoulders" It is so funny, but dont worry, we will tell them before we leave the CCM and we are all still focused, just having a bit of fun with eachother. Also my companion ate a moth for a challenge... nasty. There has been fires here lately and once when we went out I thought that it must of been a peanut butter factory that caught on fire becuase it smelt like burnt peanutbutter. Today is the day we actually get a new president so I still haven´t met him yet. We got new roomies and the are the Zone leaders and we have a lot of fun. We got a bunch of new kids too and they are interesting haha but seem nice. We switched rooms because our last one was in the girls section because there were too many elders, and our new one is sooo much nicer. Oh and so far the laundry here is kind of sketchy... we get our whites back with stains that werent there before and this last week I lost 3 garment tops and President Doll was just like, "yeah that happens sometimes" haha goodness.

     This week I have been diving into my scriptures and marking my spanish ones up like crazy, I have found a new love for them and it is great. There are people here who do these incredible scripture cases mad out of leather and they do amazing church art on them. They are the coolest thing ever and I definatley want to get some once I get into the field. Some of the teachers have shown me ones they have had for 15 years and they still look awesome.

     Today we are going to the temple again and I am excited for that. I love being here in Chile so close to the temple, waking up everyday to such a beautiful sight is definately a blessing. Oh tomorrow we get to hear the apostles speak to all the missionaries and presidents which hasnt happened since 2004 or something they said. That will be fun. I can really feel Christ molding me in to a better disciple of him, and I can feel my love for other people growing so much and it brings me more happiness than I´ve ever known. Loving others and serving them is truly key in becoming happy.

     It was good hearing from everyone and seeing a picture of Oliver, that kind of melted my heart and made me say,"Oh no, here comes the water works." Haha. I feel so blessed because of the people that Heavenly Father has put in my life... how did I get so lucky. Thanks everyone, have a great week!

     Woah, I´m have way done in the CCM already? That´s hard to beleive, espescially because I speak about 10 words of spanish haha, but it will come.

Elder Dillree

Street Performer

Left to right- Me, Elder Rios (Chile), Elder Vera (Argentina), Elder Cambell (USA), Elder White

I have gotten really lucky with getting cool roomies since I have been here, some elder in our district have gotten things stolen and stuff but mine have always been way nice and we have lots of fun, knock on wood haha

The City

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