Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 4: CCM

Hey Everyone!

    Thanks everyone for all the great e-mails this week! This week I saw Annie Guild in a devotinal video we watched, it rained, the tie exchange was cancelled because the new President says no haha, I´m the worst tie master ever, I played soccer all this week, and got chosen to give a talk in church. The talk went good but all I know is my heart started beating and I couldn´t remember what I said after but people said I sounded like a Chileano...liars haha. It wason faith in Christ. The spanish is very difficult but I  am loving learning it! Oh and one day in class the air conditioner started spitting out ice balls haha that was fun. It was a really good week though and can feel my missionary abilities getting better all thanks to Heavenly Father and Christ. Without there help I don´t know if i could ever learn spanish.

     Lately I just try to study like crazy and I feel like I never have enough time, I need to know more about PMG, BOM, Spanish, and everything else haha but there is never enough time in the day, and now Ionlyhave two weeks left.

     Oh my new President is way cool, President Brady. They are way nice people.
    So guess what mom, my district thinks I am the most calm and I keep my cooland they say I am the only one who has the patience to have Elder White as my companion. Never thought you´d here that huh? haha But Since I have been here I have just been filled  with the Love of Christ and that is definately the key in being a good person to others and having happiness with your companion, and district. Everything is going great and I am loving the CCM, I am going to miss it  so much and the people here, but I am excited to get out into the field. Thanks for all your mail, you all mean the world to me! 

Loving the misson, life is good in The Gospel :)

Elder Dillree

Street Art

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 3: CCM

Hey Everyone!

     This week just flew by and it was a lot of fun. Our district has this thing we call... the ultimate prank! We switched two Elders suit coats in our district and we switched there stuff in their pockets and everything and they have been wearing eachothers without even knowing haha. It is hilarous becuase one is way small and the others is way too big (Elder Stratford and Elder Ricks). On sunday they were talking to each other and one said, Ricks-"Does my suit coat look a little big to you, -Stratford "No it looks good, does mine look way too small?" Ricks-"No, you just have broad shoulders" It is so funny, but dont worry, we will tell them before we leave the CCM and we are all still focused, just having a bit of fun with eachother. Also my companion ate a moth for a challenge... nasty. There has been fires here lately and once when we went out I thought that it must of been a peanut butter factory that caught on fire becuase it smelt like burnt peanutbutter. Today is the day we actually get a new president so I still haven´t met him yet. We got new roomies and the are the Zone leaders and we have a lot of fun. We got a bunch of new kids too and they are interesting haha but seem nice. We switched rooms because our last one was in the girls section because there were too many elders, and our new one is sooo much nicer. Oh and so far the laundry here is kind of sketchy... we get our whites back with stains that werent there before and this last week I lost 3 garment tops and President Doll was just like, "yeah that happens sometimes" haha goodness.

     This week I have been diving into my scriptures and marking my spanish ones up like crazy, I have found a new love for them and it is great. There are people here who do these incredible scripture cases mad out of leather and they do amazing church art on them. They are the coolest thing ever and I definatley want to get some once I get into the field. Some of the teachers have shown me ones they have had for 15 years and they still look awesome.

     Today we are going to the temple again and I am excited for that. I love being here in Chile so close to the temple, waking up everyday to such a beautiful sight is definately a blessing. Oh tomorrow we get to hear the apostles speak to all the missionaries and presidents which hasnt happened since 2004 or something they said. That will be fun. I can really feel Christ molding me in to a better disciple of him, and I can feel my love for other people growing so much and it brings me more happiness than I´ve ever known. Loving others and serving them is truly key in becoming happy.

     It was good hearing from everyone and seeing a picture of Oliver, that kind of melted my heart and made me say,"Oh no, here comes the water works." Haha. I feel so blessed because of the people that Heavenly Father has put in my life... how did I get so lucky. Thanks everyone, have a great week!

     Woah, I´m have way done in the CCM already? That´s hard to beleive, espescially because I speak about 10 words of spanish haha, but it will come.

Elder Dillree

Street Performer

Left to right- Me, Elder Rios (Chile), Elder Vera (Argentina), Elder Cambell (USA), Elder White

I have gotten really lucky with getting cool roomies since I have been here, some elder in our district have gotten things stolen and stuff but mine have always been way nice and we have lots of fun, knock on wood haha

The City

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 2: CCM

Hello Family!

     The Mission is going amazing! It is great hearing from everyone, thanks for all the letters. Last week I had difficulty sending pictures but I sent some this time so hopefully they work. So last week I forgot to mention that I had this little envelope thing from seminary that we would right for ourselves to open in one year and in mine I had guessed where I was going on my mission and it said Chile haha! That was pretty funny to see. Also we went to the temple which is about 30 feet from the CCM which is such a cool blessing. Also we get a new CCM mission president tomorrow and we had a big going away party for them haha. The Presidents wife got mad at me becuase I wouldnt take her drugs for just a small cold I have haha it was funny. She uses drugs fro everything and gives the missionaries way too much. Their bodies just need to take care of the simple things themselves. Also on our way to exercise one morning a crazy biker charged at us and ran into Elder Barrell but the biker guy just bounced off him and got owned. He got up saying he would fight us but there are too many big gringos haha. Hopefully he okay though. Also one night somone through rocks at the CCM and Tem´le and broke some windows, he got caught though. We did our first tie exachange and it was fun, the Tie Master left today though and I chosen as his successor. I always new I would be called to do something great haha jk. Basically I am incharge of the tie exchanges now. Also this week everyone is leaving except for our district and the one that got here 2 weeks before us. That means tomorrow there will be 33 new Missionaries. Exciting! Our teachers for the first 2 weeks were Hermano Meneses, Antileo, and Hermana Perez. They were amazing and taight me so much. Things are going well with my companion and I love teaching lessons with him, he is very different from me but we are a strong companionship. It´s amazing what can happen when you choose to love people and see there talents and strengths wrather than faults and weaknesses. I have learned so much.

     Today is P-Day again and this time we are e-mailing first so in 30 minutes we get to go out to the city for 2 hours. It´s super fun to be out and about ant the mountains are just beautiful. Also the tallest building in South America is right by us and it is super cool. Today our Latino Roomies left and they were super awesome so it is sad to see them go but they are going to do great. My spanish is going pretty good, I´m still aweful but I´m trying and that´s what counts haha. I know I will figure it out eventually. 

     I know that the Lord watches over us and wants our rightous goals and desires to be fulfilled, and I know that by having true faith in our Savior that we can all succed in our goals. So remember that when you are trying to uphold your new years resolutions or any other goals that you have made... through him we can learn a new language, become healthy, clean, have success in school, or work... anything is possible, especially happiness. I promise that you can do it with the help of Christ and your best effort. :)

     Let me know if you guys have any questions, tell Hope I would love to hear from her, and from Dillon as well. Sorry if my e-mails are all over the place haha. Have a great week everyone, love you all to Chile and back!

Elder Dilllree

We had our first completos at a place called Domino´s. 

Me and Elder Workinger in the front. Then from left to Right in the second row is Elder Stratford, Willis, White, then Elison in the back.

Santiago, Chile Temple

Left to Right- Me, Elison, White, Stratford, Loisotto, Ortiz. All way cool guys

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 1: CCM

Dear Family!

     The first week has been awesome. The plane ride was good, slept most of the way. There were 9 elders and 2 sisters on our flight to Santiago. I sat by Elder Stratford on the way to Atlanta and he is a cool guy, also my district leader. I sat by Elder Workinger and Elison to Santiago and they are way fun and chill people. When we got to Chile it was pretty hot and humid but I loved it compared to what I was in haha. Then we drove to the mtc and this young girl was my driver and wow she was good, we would seriously miss people by an inch going like 50 haha. Then we got to the CCM and the temple is right next to it which is really cool. The city is nice to, kind of like Puerto Rico maybe. My district is made of all the north americans I flew in with except for one elder because he spoke spanish and the sisters because they did too. My companion is Elder White and that is by far the hardest part so far haha but I still love him and enjoy learning from him. I think he might have assburgers (lol idk how to spell) and everyone says that I have the most difficult companion but I am glad because I am growing from it. I room with White, Stratford, Elison, they are in my district, and also I room with 2 Latinos, Loisotto and Ortiz. Me and Loisotto are like best friends and he is always trying to take care of me, like help make my bed or stuff, so I call him mi mama and we crack eachother up so much even though we can barely communicate. My district calls me smiley and always wonder why I´m so happy and they say, "follow the Dillree" because I always stay on task haha. I bore my testimony Sunday becuase the spirit was like punching me in the heart and I spoke of how praying with humility, having faith in Christ, and nothing but love in your heart, and giving God all the glory from your successes, than the Lord will bless you in so many ways, including being happy on your mission. I do this every night and morning and that is why I am "smiley" haha. After my testimony everyone was coming up to me saying thank you so much for your testimony and stuff. It was a great experiance and blessing. The food here is great, I love it all but I am saving all the bread and desserts for my last week here haha. The spanish is going well but I have much much much too go haha. I have learned so much spiritually though. Mostly the incredible power of the spirit. It truly performs miracles inside my own heart. P-Day was fun today, tried a cumpleto and it was good. Oh and exerrcise in the mornings is good, we just play street ball and for once I am like the best on on the court haha. In like 1 week there will only be us and one more district so we will get like 40 new missionaries so I probably wont be the best for long haha. Oh mom, they actually have that stain remover stick in each room and also they do our laundry and stuff here. President Doll and his wife are cool people but I dont really know much of them. The teachers and everyone here is great, our district is really close too so I feel very blessed. Im so happy to be here, I know hard times always come, but by living the gospel to our best ability, we may press forwards through the hard times with a smile. Its great to hear from you all, good luck with the diet, with texas, and everything else. I promise I am giving my whole heart and soul, no regrets, and that the name Of Christ and Dillree that I wear on my heart is being represented well. I feel like I am forgetting to tell you stuff... oh I am also very blessed to have an experianced mom family with missions because I have like all the best and organized stuff. I am definately well prepared, so thank you. Oh and all the teachers think I am up to something because Im always smiling so thats funny. Oh also everyone in our district is going to Norte except Elison and Willis. Elder Ricks, workinger, Birrell, stratford, white, are going Norte. Elder Ricks is awesome, he is from Idaho falls and is so much like Elder Callhoon on the best two years. Well hopefully I didn´t miss anything. Someone get me Dillons Email. Loving my mission, life is good in the gospel :) Talk to you next week!

Elder Dillree
The Plane Ride There

The drive to the CCM

Part of the city